Prosecutor calls for arrest warrant

After 43 days, Tobias P. was released from custody on the 29th of December. The prosecution presented an immediate appeal.A written justification is submitted later by senior public prosecutor Schwarz last week. In it, the prosecution maintains the strong suspicion and called the arrest warrant against Tobias put into execution again.

This justification has some contradictions.On the one hand it is acknowledged that „further investigation, especially the forensic investigations, no further action had corroborating evidence on the outcome,“elsewhere in turn gives the impression that the alleged suspicion had substantiate in the course of the investigation yet.

Thus, senior public prosecutor Schwarz performs elsewhere, have had a hardening that when Tobias was found with a bottle of lighter fluid, but no petrol lighter.Apart from that compromising moment is this statement towards zero, the invalidity of this supposed evidence to the full extent only apparent when one takes note of the present results of the forensic investigation note:

Upon completion of the fire debris examination is nothing to suggest that lighter fluid to arson was used. Further investigations revealed that found itself at the time of Tobias‘ arrest, either on his hands, still on his clothes have residues of accelerants, which argues against a real-time contact with such substances.Also a comparison with DNA evidence found at the crime scene did not match. That the information obtained by the prosecution as part of their grounds of appeal before the outside is not surprising, since those findings were in much to the fact that the arrest warrant against Tobias P. at the Amtsgericht Tiergarten in the end of December was canceled.As to the complaint has to be decided in the court of second instance,prosecutor seeks to drop this unpleasant results for them under the table to let. Like similar cases in the recent past have shown that it has not exactly rare success, so we should expect in the worst case with a renewed detention of Tobias!

The approach of the prosecution is not new.Once again, it is obviously that they try to make an exemple. They try to kill two birds with one stone:
On the one hand, the investigating authorities are due to the ongoing series of car fires are still under immense pressure to succeed, that is why offenders are strongly searched. On the other hand these days, a strong signal to the radical left will be sent: Through full, dissuasive hardness, through to detention, it is demonstrated that the so-called rule of law exists only on paper. A challenge that will be answered!